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10x Return On Google Ad Spend For Radiologist


With a limited budget and steep competition in the Mackay radiology market, South Coast Radiology faced the challenge of effectively reaching out to potential patients. They needed to connect with individuals actively seeking radiology services in the region to effectively launch their new clinic.


Tenacity conducted extensive research to understand the target audience’s preferences, concerns, and motivations. Armed with this knowledge, we developed a precise messaging strategy that highlighted South Coast Radiology’s top-notch facilities and personalised patient care. We utilised Google Ads with a strong regional focus, targeting keywords related to radiology services in Mackay. The ad copy perfectly aligned with the messaging strategy. The campaign was continuously monitored and adjusted based on data analysis to achieve the best return on investment (ROI).


The carefully crafted messaging, combined with strategic use of Google Ads, resulted in an impressive 10x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). For every advertising dollar invested, South Coast Radiology generated ten times the revenue. The clinic experienced a steady influx of new patients, averaging 45 new faces each month. Furthermore, the brand message resonated with the intended demographic, strengthening brand recognition and establishing South Coast Radiology as the go-to choice for radiology in the Mackay area.

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South Coast Radiology


10x Return On Ad Spend For Radiologist


Digital Marketing, PPC

“Tenacity’s expertise and dedication yielded an impressive 10x Return on Ad Spend, solidifying our position as the premier choice for radiology in Mackay. Our unwavering trust in them speaks volumes.”
Marketing Coordinator
South Coast Radiology

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